Thursday, April 7, 2011

time and space.

Things are happening. I can feel them stirring themselves up, about to pop. Am I unemployed for the millionth time? Yes. Am I currently residing in a 1973 argosy airstream in my boyfriends parents backyard? Yes. But isnt that when everything starts to take shape? And no I don't mean I've hit rock bottom. I have a fabulously furnished and perfectly placed apartment in Omaha surrounded by friends and loved ones that I could go home to tomorrow if i wanted...but then...I'd get settled. And cozy and LAZY...and so ridiculously comfortable with this station in life I would forget what I was fighting for. That is a very true statement. I'm glad I said it. This show...these shows are going to happen. One way or another. I have time, space, energy and opportunity right now and I need to take the reigns of this bull and slam it into something big...or however the saying goes. I have no rent, no kids, amazing looks and the most talented people with me ever...there is nothing holding me back but me. And I'm stepping aside. Watch out everybody-the fat lady is a singing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sooo...I am in the middle of nowhere Nebraska and I love it. Like its really fucking fantastic. More on this later.