Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we did.

Last night was a moment in history. As I stood there listening to the new President-elect speak with passion, candor and fire to a nation he will soon be the leader of, time stopped. That spectacular moment when the dreams that have been dreamt, the battles that have been won, and the movements that have meant so much to so many came to fruition. I stood and watched in a room full of strangers cheering, crying and simply ready for a new future. I have witnessed what my ancestors fought for, sacrificed for, died for. Black and White. I was here to see it happen. To take part and pride in my people, this nation and my choice. I am excited and hopeful for this moment in history. Something of a snapshot, a glimpse that my children will only know in videos. I can tell them about that room of exhausted stangers, longing for change and finding it in Barack Obama. And I can tell them that I was a part of it.

Halloween Night!

I haven't been a v. good blogger lately. There's been so much going on. The election. Halloween. In equal pats of course. For Halloween I was a gay black man dressed like Mimi from Rent. I loved it. I went to this party at my best friends house and compared fake crotch's with a Chad Michael Michaels look alike. And shamelessly and openly flirted with most of the males there. Of course it wasn't me really. It was Chi Chi, my gay male doppelganger.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

At home with granny...

I'm a drunk. I think. I mean, I really think I've gotten to the place where I can be honest with myself about that. The crazy thing is I realize it the most when I'm with my grandmother. My grandmother is amazing. She's beautiful, well educated and a party animal. Every time I go to her place there's always a bottle of wine, or a delicious margarita waiting for me. I want to be that kind of grandmother. The kind that dances, curses like a sailor and solicits alcoholic beverages to the offspring of her offspring.

Today: 4 margaritas, 2 glasses of chablis (boxed), 1 glass Whit zin (bottled in California 2005) Percacet (1)

Laughters had: countless.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So last night I got a call from my ex husband Jared. He sounds like a totally different person. Let's see, the Jared I knew was 1) whiny, he cried all the time. 2) Violent, yes he hit me because he loved me. And 3) manipulative, which I'm sue he still is, but all the good ones are. Anyway, I've put all that housewife drama behind. I learned from it and life goes on, so there's no reason why we can't be friends. There is a rich history there and I would never want to never talk to him again. So we're talking...laughing (weird) ...and then slowly getting horny. I'm not ashamed to say that we used to have amahhhhzing sex. Married sex is the best! Well, a close 2nd. Anyway one thing leads to the next and we're on the line panting like two rabid dogs. And THEN the next thing I know is I'm looking up flights to Santa Cruz to see him just so we can get busy. I wasn't going to tell any of my friends afeared they would try to kill me for entertaining the idea I meet him for even something as small as a sexual rendezvous...but I have a big mouth, so I posted it on my Facebook. As much as I wish I were an enigma, I'm really just an open book. Well, I wised up a bit when I remembered that a good lay doesn't discount lying, cheating, pussy-ism, and violence. But he sounds like he's in a better place in life now. And I'll always love him. But I've learned my limits...and jumping a 5 hour flight on a whim to see a man I've already said goodbye to a long time pushing them.

Obama/Palin 08!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just do it.

Okay, this is my first blog. Obviously. I mean my first time blogging outside of Myspace...I always thought it was weird. I still do. But I may as well give it a go. Since this is the year I will publish my book, I have to do all the perfunctory things that writers do. Like blog. Successfully. So this is my fist blog. Of many. And it's relatively normal. Just wait til I've had a bad day, I've been drinking boxed wine and I start listening to Amy Winehouse. Then there'll be some real shit to read. It won't be long.