Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So last night I got a call from my ex husband Jared. He sounds like a totally different person. Let's see, the Jared I knew was 1) whiny, he cried all the time. 2) Violent, yes he hit me because he loved me. And 3) manipulative, which I'm sue he still is, but all the good ones are. Anyway, I've put all that housewife drama behind. I learned from it and life goes on, so there's no reason why we can't be friends. There is a rich history there and I would never want to never talk to him again. So we're talking...laughing (weird) ...and then slowly getting horny. I'm not ashamed to say that we used to have amahhhhzing sex. Married sex is the best! Well, a close 2nd. Anyway one thing leads to the next and we're on the line panting like two rabid dogs. And THEN the next thing I know is I'm looking up flights to Santa Cruz to see him just so we can get busy. I wasn't going to tell any of my friends afeared they would try to kill me for entertaining the idea I meet him for even something as small as a sexual rendezvous...but I have a big mouth, so I posted it on my Facebook. As much as I wish I were an enigma, I'm really just an open book. Well, I wised up a bit when I remembered that a good lay doesn't discount lying, cheating, pussy-ism, and violence. But he sounds like he's in a better place in life now. And I'll always love him. But I've learned my limits...and jumping a 5 hour flight on a whim to see a man I've already said goodbye to a long time ago...is pushing them.

Obama/Palin 08!

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